Dominion (2014): War is Coming Trailer AND Character Posters

“God brought us into this world; his angels are prepared to take us out.”

SyFy recently released yet another Dominion-based trailer. It gives us a sneak peek at the appearance of what we assume are the demonic forces that’ll play a major role throughout the series, as well as an introduction to who we speculate is Charlie’s now-grown child, the man destined to save the lot of humanity. It seems he’ll have to choose a side – either to take up the metaphorical banner of Hell or that of Heaven. It’s unclear if the angels will be siding with humanity since in Legion (2010) they aimed to eradicate all humans or if it’ll be a complete free-for-all. Along the way, he’ll be torn between the battlefield and an apparent love interest who we’re hoping SyFy doesn’t put too much stock into, only to neglect the actual conflict-based plot. Overall, the trailer provides some insight into how things’ll pan out in the development of this series, as well as an exciting glimpse into the universe of Dominion and its inhabitants!

Enjoy and remember to watch the series premiere of Dominion, June 19 at 9|8c on Syfy.

Check out SyFy’s released character posters!

the forgotten warrior the guardian angel michael the rebellious soldier


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