Greetings Web-adventurers:

You’ve stumbled across a website centered around the lower levels of the buzzing beehive that is the entertainment industry.

The idea here is to explore the worlds that exist within and without the big shot Hollywood films and well-established TV series. That is, we tackle lesser known works that aren’t as aggressively advertised as, say, an upcoming film based on a worldwide best-selling novel trilogy. Delve into the upcoming universes of a variety of television channels, and maybe catch some news about the kind of (usually) b-rated movies that would make your mother gasp in horror-driven shock, or you know, demand political intervention. From hobos with a taste for shotguns to angelic warfare, there’s not a damn thing we don’t cover! Of course, there’s a ton of other content jam-packed into all this, but you’ll just have to read on to discover that.

With our sincerest regards,
The Legion of Undisputed Buffoonery

Established on April 9, 2014 at 2:30 AM.

Any general comments should be left below the form in the regular comment section.
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