nameless nominees

What’s a Nameless Nominee?

Basically, each month we’ll introduce a new Nameless Nominee, an author or writer whose works aren’t exactly recognized by thousands and thousands of readers, much less millions of them. We’ll read and review a few of their written works and give a general idea of who they are and what they write, as well as talk a bit about what we like most about their writing.

What does it take to be a Nameless Nominee? 

If you’ve got the passion for writing and your fan base is small, you stand a chance at being one of our monthly Nameless Nominees! This can include anyone from published authors to daily or weekly blog writers. We don’t discriminate here at The Nameless News!

Can anyone nominate an author/writer to be featured as a Nameless Nominee?

Of course! We’ll take into consideration any and all nominations that are sent our way. You can submit nominations in the form below.

What do Nameless Nominees get for being chosen?

Presently, Nameless Nominees only get recognition and publicization on our site which has the potential to attract new readers and fans pulled from our own pool of followers!

Feel free to accompany us along this exploration into lesser known literary territory as we reach out and discover different authors and written works out there that haven’t gotten as much attention as we feel they should be getting!

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